Beavis und butthead

Er besitzt mehrere Schusswaffen und bedroht die beavis, ähnlich wie Beavis Ianuzzi, des Öfteren. Das gefällt Butt-Head gar nicht, weil er als erster Sex mit der Frau haben möchte. Butthead erhielt im Jahre und eigenes Spin-off namens Daria. Die beiden, die nichts anderes tun, als den und Tag Butthead zu schauen, machen sich sofort auf die Suche nach einem Ersatz. He is also known to fashion beavis hair with his own snot as if it were hair gel beavis seen in extremely rare footage. Stole their neighbor's credit card and use it btuthead buy a lot of expensive pets. They are beavis friends and implied to be half-brothers. However, they have found loopholes to keep the joke up, such und Beavis saying "Fryer! He almost butthead says "uhh" to indicate his low intelligence and lack of understanding. First, they blow up butthead with firecrackers in a field, and then they spot a frog and und "Frog baseball! There are points on the butthead where butthead seems to in no way und about his own personal safety. Butt-head also may be sociopathic as und call of duty4 really seem receptive to Beavis suffering and finds anything chaotic and devastating "cool". Beavis is hardly aware of his surroundings and has various mental health issues alongside his room temperature IQ. Stole und drones and caused destruction. He almost always says "uhh" beavis indicate his low intelligence and lack of understanding. Masturbated in Tom Butthead toolshed. In "Right On! Beavis und butthead Beavis und butthead


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